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Adding collection to a new page and breadcrumbs are wrong.

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I am trying to show all the products under my collection:

how I did this by making a new collection with all of the products and then I used the URL it gave me,  and add that to my menu, under the collection. When I visit the page it shows the collection. The breadcrumbs are totally wrong, its doesn't indicate what page you ar eon the menu, there should be an indicator you are at collections.




I tried another way by making a new page, and I want to add the collection but I go to customize and then visit that page I created I cant add new content to it, what should I do, how am I doing this wrong?

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Dear @Iamsaeed 

Hope this will help you

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Dear thank you for the help but that dosnt help me.


MY question was about the breadcrumbs and the collections, hereby I give you another example:


here I can go to the collection page and I can see a set of all the collections that I have on the shop such as a teapot collection or blender collection.


if I click on any of the collections then I get to see this:



it takes me to that collection but the breadcrumbs show that I am in the home still, while I should be in the collections!