Adding Order Notes to Order Confirmation Email

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Hi There,

We'd like to have the order notes that a customer inputs on their order to show up in the confirmation email they receive. I know I need to use {{ note }} to grab it, but beyond that I'm not sure where I should place it or what the code should look like surrounding it when I add it to the order confirmation. Can anyone help? One shopify guru told us that we needed our theme developer's help to do this but I'm pretty sure this is standard cut and paste code into the order confirmation coding....? I just don't know what to cut and paste....

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@Arturs1 I don't think you followed the instructions I shared for your issue.
I said before checkout click ( have you ever seen checkout button on  order confirmation email ) 
Checkout button is available on cart page or cart drawer. You have to make it conditional there.


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Try GEMPAGES a great app with drag and drop features to design landing/product/individual pages.
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@GuleriaFair enough, but I have  no idea how to check with the JS whether the customer leaves notes or not before the checkout click. Could you elaborate on how to achieve that in practice?

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Order confirmation.


Scroll down to find the code for billing address, and you can add your note code in straight after it so it will appear like this:

Screenshot 2022-09-19 110019.png


{% if billing_address %}
<td class="customer-info__item">
<h4>Billing address</h4>
{{ billing_address | format_address }}
{% endif %}
<table class="row">
<p>Order notes: {{ order.note }}</p>
<table class="row">


I initially tried using {{ note }} but while the order note showed up in test emails and in the preview, it didn't actually show up in real time customer email order confirmations. {{ order.note }} worked for me.