Any workarounds for recent admin update issues on Shopify?

Any workarounds for recent admin update issues on Shopify?

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There are several threads of complaints in the discussions forum about the changes to admin with no thought for the end user, Shopify's paying customers. I have always said that Shopify is all about adding the CLICKS, how many more can we add for them?


Search Bar: They completely removed it. Have to CLICK "f" or  🔍. Then the next problem, you type what you want to search for, the wording is then incorrect because you have to wait for the page to completely load. Have to CLICK the box again to correct. As you're typing the page starts loading and missed letters needed. The search bar is visible if you want to search customers, why not the products page that is used more frequently. Hopefully they do not remove this from the customer page. Has anyone found a fix to create a shortcut?


Products Pages: They moved to barely visible arrows in the bottom lower right corner for the next page. I wish they would consider adding page numbers or even making the arrows more prominent? 


Customers Page: I find it difficult to believe that you are not able to merge customers with the same name for more accurate customer information. I went to the help center, ask how to merge customers (I have several that could have up to 10 separate accounts for the same person), guess what? The information is WRONG!!!


I followed the steps, CLICKED all 9 accounts to merge together, CLICKED ... for more actions and there is NO merge for an option. I contacted Shopify support, was advised that it's not available. So why on earth would the help give you steps that aren't available to us? She recommend downloading a csv file to delete the ones no longer needed. This process will not work so don't even bother trying it. It will not allow you to total the orders over time and total spent to have on main account. It will only delete if it has the same email, it will not accept the same email already used. Suggested different steps, all that do not work and then suggested an app. Why is everything basic requiring an app. I simply want to merge to make it easier for the POS team members to know which account to select so they can accrue their reward points or VIP tiers. It would be nice to know how many customers I really have once all the duplicates are removed. Has anyone else experienced this with a workaround?


Specific Product Page: Since Shopify only allows you to have 100 variants, you want to look at a specific variant you have to CLICK the arrow through multiple pages, up to 10 times. You can no longer scroll through the variants to CLICK the specific variant to edit.


Having 100 variants, we need to remove the sold out variant to add new inventory. If you delete the variant it will not remove the matching image in the Media box. This has never made sense why the 2 boxes are not tied together. (been 8 years with no fix) You then have to CLICK on each image to remove and hope you didn't accidently remove the wrong image. We added a step by adding text to the top of the image so we know which image to delete. We had to install an app, delete the variant, it removes the matching image in Shopify removing additional CLICKS. The app was NOT inexpensive but the time we saved helps. Has anyone has any results to remove images with variant without installing an app?


Bulk Edit: Again, this process requires multiple clicks. Will always open with default columns, you have to CLICK to remove each one, then CLICK to select the columns needed. God forbid if you were given the feature to save your selections instead of the defaults. Any suggestions to save report with no app?


Reports: You're not allowed to save a format for a report, only available to Shopify Pro. Every month I have to select the same columns needed. You guessed it more CLICKS. Any suggestions for this with no app?


POS System: You use to enter your pin and the screen would open. You now have to enter your pin then CLICK the arrow to open. Want to override a price of an item, they removed the override price button. Have to CLICK 1 of the 2 options and calculate correctly. Want to lock the screen, CLICK to go to another section to CLICK lock screen. This makes it very difficult to show new team members how to work the POS.


Shopify is not as easy to use like it was years ago just trying to keep up with the needless page changes. 

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Yes! That is exactly the problem we're having as well. It seems every day, Shopify has changed something on their POS and we have to click one more extra time to get what we want. Today, we add a product from the Search bar and instead of just adding it to the cart like before, we have to CLICK on the + sign to add it to the cart. Is Shopify sitting down with users before making all of these changes or is it a make work project for their employees? I would love to have someone from Shopify Design come and spend the day with us and see just how frustrating it is when they change things. Last week, they changed it so that when you are trying to put a customer's name on the order, it takes you directly to adding a new customer instead of before when you could just start typing the name from existing customers. They had to add another CLICK. Why Shopify? It seems that there are a lot of comments and complaints on here but is anyone at Shopify listening or is this just for us to commiserate with one another?