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Is there a way I can apply a fixed discount (or percentage) together with free shipping? Or any workaround?



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You may be able to handle this without a discount code update.

We do the same thing and we have our pricing table in the shipping settings set up so that the shipping cost for any $0 order is $0.

So when the promo code gets applied for 100% off then the customer will see an option for $0 shipping cost.

We use the Advanced Shipping Rules App and that is where we define the rates.  Not sure we actually need this app anymore as Shopify has beefed up their shipping settings over the years but is it relatively inexpensive and probably more of a pain to change.  If you use another shipping app or the Shopify native settings I think you can set up the same structure.

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Exactly what I wanted!!! > Offering free shipping for free order.

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Any news about combining free shipping with discount codes? Store owners have been asking for it for years. 

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Hey guys,

I managed to make something work for my store:

I have multiple products, say product A (most expensive), B, C, D.

I have a discount code for product A which gives 100% to that product alone, but there is no free shipping if the discount code is used.

Others have said that you can create a shipping rate where if the total cart value is $0.00, create a new shipping called Free Shipping. This works, but if someone adds product B, C, D to the cart, then no free shipping.


Change product A to 100kg.

Change the free shipping (in General Profile) so that if the total weight of the cart is more than 100kg free shipping (provided that product B, C, D are no where close to 100kg).

This way, if someone adds product A to the cart, they get free shipping regardless of price - so that when the discount is applied, they will also get free shipping.

The downside is that if someone simply buys product A alone without any discounts, they too get free shipping for product A (unless they add product B, C, or D).

Oh, and Shopify, go suck a pp.

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Hey, is there an update on this? My Influencers will want to process their orders and can't be expected to pay for shipping. Please let me know ASAP!


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We did this by writing a script in the Shopify Script Editor. It would be a little different for each store based on the names of your shipping rates, but it can be done. DM me for help and I'd be glad to assist.

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What is the latest on this?  This is a super simple improvement that should be able to be done in a single dev sprint? 



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This is not rocket science that the community asking. We want a promo code so that customers or partners can order a sample/product for free. ANd free does not mean to pay for shipping....

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