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Basic Plan vs. Medium Plan

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My new website is

I am a new customer and just went live a couple of days ago.

While loading new product into the pages, I have maxed out on two categories at 60 pages each.

I have tried to import by .csv file from excel into customer listing.  I had to do this in 2 parts.  112 + 76 Customers dropped.  Did it run out of room?

I have a large inventory for a small busy shop.  If I upgrade to the next plan $80., what is the max number of pages I can load per category.

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Hi @houseofstitches 

Hope you're having a great day!

You are not restricted on the number of products you can sell in your Shopify store. More details in Shopify's plan features

Your problem is elsewhere. Please be more explicit so that I can help you better.

As specified by Shopify:

Your product CSV can't exceed 15MB. If you get an error when trying to upload a new CSV file, then check to make sure it doesn't exceed the size limit.

You can only import customer CSV files that are 1 MB or smaller. To get around this restriction, you can use multiple CSV files to import your customer records.