Best CRM recommendation Please!

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Hi There can anyone recommend the best CRM integration for Shopify and Vend POS?  We are a medium sized winery who needs to hub our CRM.  Any advice much appreciated!  Thanks

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Please check Edrone ECRM

A mind-blowing personalized sales and marketing automation platform eCRM Edrone is designed specifally for the buying and selling of anything online. It can be managed by only one person! See more here Edrone CRM or contact me directly at



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Please, check Revamp CRM here:


We've worked with a winery business and understand your needs. It has a real-time sync between Shopify and Revamp CRM, you can add notes, tasks, files & emails, see customers' orders and call them. You can contact us directly at, and we would be happy to help. 

Check Revamp CRM, best CRM for your B2B (wholesale) or B2C store. Organize your leads, contacts and your sales team.
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Try Endear ( We work with a lot of Shopify merchants and understand the unique needs of physical locations.
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Hey @Bridget_Glackin 


We've put together a guide on how to use Airtable as a CRM for Shopify . Airtable is immensely powerful and once you have your Shopify data in there you can tailor a CRM that fits your exact needs. You can then also start mixing in other online tools' data (e.g., email marketing) as it's possible to sync pretty much any other data into Airtable with zapier.

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Hi @Bridget_Glackin 

With a Mixtable workbook (exactly the same as an Excel workbook) you can create a simple-yet-powerful spreadsheet-based Shopify CRM for your store.