Best way to integrate shopify into current website

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Hello. Is there are good/best way of integrating shopify into a current website.

I cant transfer the current website over to shopify, and I dont want a different domain for the shop section.
The reason being is our current website sells subscription dog treat boxes, and the website needs to continue to function as it is.

Obviously a different domain would maybe cause suspicion amoungst potential shoppers. I am not too sure excatly how Shopipfy works around this?
Is it possible to have running as it is hosted on my current server, and have, say, hosted on shopify?
I would like to know any thoughts before I start messing around! Thanks in advance.

Supplying great Monthly Dog Treat Boxes.
Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey there !

Gen from Shopify again here - we were speaking directly earlier but just wanted to answer this queston publicly for anyone in the same position reading :) 

You can add Shopify products and collections to an existing website, and allow visitors to purchase these through your Shopify checkout, by using Buy Buttons:

Alternatively, you can of course set up a subdomain of your existing store (i.e. and point that at your Shopify online store, leaving the main domain to point at your existing website. You can learn more about subdomains and Shopify here:

As you mention that you sell your products via a subscription, you might find one of the following apps useful: 

Hope that helps! 

Genevieve S.

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Hi Genevieve,
Can you help clairfy.
If i only want the subdomain to point to shopify, do I edit the subdomain's A record to point to and then point the subdomain's CNAME to


Do i just point the subdomain's  CNAME?



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Hi Genevieve, you seem really knowledgeable & would like your help with a situation I’m in. I have a Shopify site where I sell clothes, the company that creates my items needs to Be alaerted whenever a sale is made so that they can make my item and ship it to my customer. How would I set this up ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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is it possible to add it as a suburl like