Block pick-up option for international orders

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I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with preventing international customers from purchasing items/product that are meant to be local only. IRL situation I'm finding our store in quite frequently.

One of our brands a strict sales territory agreement (we can't sell their products outside of our country), we have a shipping profile for this brand that doesn't provide a shipping option. However, customers can still select in-store pick-up even if they're not local. To make matters worse, the product in question is extremely high demand and limited so international customers will use bots to checkout, these bots will select whatever delivery method is available which in this case is in-store pickup because that option can't be selectively disabled. For these "botted" orders, we lose money on transaction/processing fees when we cancel them. Our current workaround is to disable the pick-up option temporarily. 

Would love to hear if anyone has an alternative workaround/solution.


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We have similar retail agreements and are having a similar problem with international orders coming thru when people choose Local Pick Up. We only ship nationally. Our shipping option has the ability to restrict to one country but for some reason the same isn't available for Local Pick Up. This is becoming an ongoing problem for us. I have reached out to Shopify but they do not have a solution.