Bulk uploading gift card codes

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I know there is no way to just upload from a .csv but I see gift cards are now part of the export/import feature.

Can you manually create 1000 gift cards very quickly with bogus filler info.  Then export your gift cards and copy/paste the actual gift card codes and values into the appropriate cells.  Then import the modified products into the store.

Does it work like this?  Is this a good cheat for bulk importing gift cards?  I am not paying for the gift card features until I know I can bulk import so I need someone that does have this feature to tell me.


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Ryan,

You are correct in respect to the export of the gift card information but at this time there's no way to import gift card codes.  Each gift card is created individually and assigned the code at that time.  Bulk Importing of gift card codes is something we're looking into but I don't have an ETA on availability, if at all.

Just in case you're looking for some more information, here's a link to our Gift Card FAQ:


...as well as our main Gift Card document:



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at this time there's no way to import gift card codes

Is this still the case in 2018? (over 2 years later)

If so, what is the suggested upgrade path for merchants coming from other platforms like Magento? Just create a bunch of coupons for those folks, and force them to use the entire balance at once? Obviously, that's not a great UX.

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Any update on this? Seems like a pretty basic function, and essential for almost any migration from another platform... are there any apps that offer this?

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Is there any app that allows doing that, importing gift card codes in bulk? 

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Currently it is only possible to use the gift card API for plus merchants.

The official Shopify Plus migration document states the following:

As a Shopify Plus merchant, you’ll have access to our Gift Card API. This API allows you to import gift cards in bulk. You’ll need a developer to create a private app using this API so you can create gift cards in bulk. You can also work with one of our partners to do this.


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Still not a feature??


@Ryan_McGuinness thank you for the inquiry.  Yes, there is an extension you can get called "Makes Gift Cards" it would allow you to run it and generate the thousands of cards you need; then dial back your Shopify plan.   It's pretty easy to use and a good low-cost solution.  I recommend you give it a look here https://makesgiftcards.com 

If you find it's a good go you can help me out by flubbing that like button. 



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@chavenor Really nice extension. Do you plan on adding new features, such as importing already existing card code and amount instead of generating new codes. I have multiple clients migrating from older system where this would be helpful. 



Yes, I have planned some new features.   Not sure when I will have a chance to take a look at it.  Any other features you'd like? 

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