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Buy X and Get (multiple) Y discounts...

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I would like to set up a discount whereby if a customer purchases 'X' I would like to offer a discount on multiple 'Y' products.  In fact 'Y' could be products from a particular collection, for example.

And I would like the discount to apply to as many products matching the 'Y' criteria as is added to the cart.

Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 12.46.00 am.png

As it works now, if I set  "Quantity" in "Customer Gets" to 1, then when the 'X' criteria is met, only 1 'Y' item is discounted.  If I set "Quantity" to 5, then I need to add 5 'Y' items for the criteria to be met.  In this case, all the 'Y' items are discounted.  But if I add anything less than 5 'Y' products, the discount code is invalid.  

So our only workaround at the moment is to create multiple discount codes which the customer can add to cart depending on what quantity of 'Y' products they are to get discounted.... eg

  • DISCOUNT_CODE_1 => Quantity set to 1 (discount applies to 1 'Y' product)
  • DISCOUNT_CODE_2 => Quantity set to 2 (discount applies to 2 'Y' products) 
  • DISCOUNT_CODE_3 => Quantity set to 3 (discount applies to 3 'Y' products)
  • etc

It's a bit hacky.  Surely there is a better way to accomplish this functionality?

Thank you.


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@VWD use quantity break up app to solve your problem if you need my help let me know. there is not rocket science its simple. install app and adjust according to your needs.

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In shopify if you select Buy X get Y at first you need to select the minimum Quantity and on specific Products or Collection and viceversa were customer get what if he/she buy .So am sharing a app link were you can have Automatic Discount and Stack discount .

Am also sharing the app link: which your problem will sorted out.