Can I change the theme for one product in my general store?

Can I change the theme for one product in my general store?

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Hey guys, i have a quick question!

just a heads up, I'm a beginner in the dropshipping space. my question is...


Can I change a theme on ONE product from my general store? the rest of the products can have the same theme already set from the beginning.


If this isn't possible, can I change the original theme of my entire general store? without losing the products and settings I've already implemented? I really want this specific theme for my one product that I'm going to run ads for, that is my current problem. 


Thank you all in advance!!!! :)) this has been so frustrating and I really want to fix this!!

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Hey @bry2 


It's not exactly possible to have a different theme for one specific product only, if there's any specific section you like in your theme that you want for your products then what you can do is add that section in your new theme but I suggest you to only take this step if you're familiar with coding. If not, then I would highly suggest you to hire a Shopify developer who can help you perform this task smoothly. So, the summary is that you can not have a separate theme for specific product only.


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@bry2 i think you are talking about product templates.

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