Can I transfer products from Odoo to Shopify and customize bills?

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I have several presales questions and hope to get some answers here


So for the start a friend of mine created a new shop with Odoo and many things simply don't work and if they fix one 2 other things don't work. The support is horrible and ultra slow (10-days for each answer) and you can't ask several questions at once. Every question needs to be a seperated ticket... So she is now blocked since 2 weeks as nothing works correctly.


1. So first question how is the support here? 


For my further questions - no I didn't start a demo yet but will do it soon - so maybe there a questions that would be answered with the demo

2. Is german/french supported?

3. Is there a possibility to transfert the products (nearly 2000) from Odoo to Shopify?

4. I suppose standart features like stock, quotation, payment per paypal/visa/bank wirement is all possible? Also if someone buys something the product is reserved in stock and no longer buyable if nothing is in stock anymore. and than we can enter when the money arrives and when we send it out? Ans also can customers simply have an option to tell that they come to the store to remove it?

5. Reports for the accountant are also needed - I suppose a listing with what was bought etc is possible without problems?

6. Can the bills be customized? I explain as we had a very bay experience here with Odoo: Our products had a small descirption and of course a full description for the web page. This was OK as long as no bill was created because this full description also was printed on this one. So someone bought 4 article and got a bill of 6 pages... And customizing this wasn't in the scope...

7. The POS is also over the page I suppose and directly connected to the online store so the stock gets always updated?

8. Is there a way to send out a mailing to customers or a mailing list?

9 and last but not least I don't know what subscription to use - I suppose Basic is enough but as I already don't know that the difference between basic reports and pro reports is... It's just for a onewoman show - So an online store with POS where also the stock is.


I hope I didn't forget anything now...


Thanks for any answers (you can write in english, german, french or luxembourgish)


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Hey @ISeeTWizard 

I can provide some general information to help answer your presales questions about Shopify. However, please note that specific details and features may vary, and it's always a good idea to explore Shopify's documentation, conduct a demo, or contact Shopify directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


  1. Support: Shopify offers 24/7 customer support through various channels, including live chat, email, and phone. The quality of support can vary based on individual experiences, but in general, Shopify is known for providing responsive and helpful support to its users.

  2. Language Support: Yes, Shopify supports multiple languages, including German and French. The admin interface, storefront, and customer-facing aspects can be translated into different languages.

  3. Product Transfer from Odoo: There are various methods to transfer products from Odoo to Shopify, including manual data entry, CSV import/export, or using third-party migration apps available in the Shopify App Store. The feasibility and ease of transfer would depend on the specific structure and format of the product data in Odoo.

  4. Standard Features: Shopify provides standard features for inventory management, stock tracking, quotations, and various payment options (including PayPal, credit cards, and bank transfers). When a product is out of stock, Shopify can automatically display an "Out of Stock" message, and you can set up notifications for low stock levels. Shopify also allows customers to select in-store pickup as an option during the checkout process.

  5. Reports for Accountants: Shopify provides built-in reporting features that offer insights into sales, customers, inventory, and more. You can generate reports that include information on purchases, sales, taxes, and other relevant data, which can be helpful for accounting purposes.

  6. Customizable Invoices: Shopify allows customization of invoices, including the ability to add or remove specific information. You can modify the invoice templates to display only the necessary details, such as product names, quantities, and prices, without including lengthy descriptions.

  7. Point of Sale (POS): Shopify's POS system is tightly integrated with the online store. The inventory is synced in real-time, ensuring that stock levels are updated across all sales channels when a sale is made through the POS. This integration helps maintain accurate stock records.

  8. Email Marketing: Shopify provides built-in tools and integrations with email marketing services to send out email campaigns and newsletters to customers or specific mailing lists. You can create and schedule emails, segment your customer base, and track email performance.

  9. Subscription Plans: Shopify offers various subscription plans, including Basic, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify, each with different features and pricing. For a one-woman show, the Basic plan may be sufficient, but it's advisable to review the specific features and limitations of each plan to determine the best fit for your needs. Basic reporting includes essential sales reports, while pro reporting offers more advanced reporting capabilities and additional report types.

Remember to explore Shopify's documentation, take advantage of their free trial/demo, and reach out to their support team for detailed and personalized guidance based on your specific requirements.


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Wow great

Thanks for that quick an realy complete answer 🙂

I just started a demo and playing a bit around with it - tried to import a csv (which unfortunately isn't complete with all infos from odoo) but have some issues with the categories but at least the basic info I got

I checked the store but I just seem to find apps to sync all but not to transfert from Odoo (except CSV now)

maybe I'm just looking not correctly but I gonna recheck that.


I suppose again that she can start with basic and if something is missing the subscription simply can be upgraded?



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I forgot another thing:

The language for the shop is OK but what about the support language 🙂

Is this one mainly in english or can you also ask questions in german?

For me english is ok but for the one whos shop it will be not. She can't talk english and french isn't not that best to - so only german is the solution
Normaly I or my wife will write if there are any issues but just in case of..,


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Hi @ISeeTWizard ,

Just a friendly note that if you use PayPal, be cautious that they can hold your money as the significant increase in orders in the sale season can be suspected as "unusual" money. To manage this, you should add your tracking info from your Shopify store to Paypal immediately when the orders are fulfilled. This helps Paypal easily verify your transaction and minimize the time money being held.
I've been using a free tool to help me with this, very useful and I can save time for urgent tasks. 

Hope this helps

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Hello, Shopify team,

I'm considering starting a store on your platform to sell ebooks, PDF files, videos, and idiom chapters aimed at improving English language skills. Can you please provide information on how Shopify supports digital products like these? Specifically, I'm interested in learning about any features or integrations that would streamline the process of selling and delivering digital content to customers. Thank you.