Can Shopify blog posts appear in Google Discovery?

Can Shopify blog posts appear in Google Discovery?

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Is it possible to take Shopify blog post in google discovery ? Anyone has experience? Please share 

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Hi @comprarenchile,
To answer your question: Yes, blog posts from any website can have the chance to show up on Google Discovery. All you need are the right topics, as well as the right level of trust & authority for your website, your blog post will certainly be on Google Discovery. We have some suggestions on how to get to Google Discovery right below:

  • E-E-A-T optimization: as we said above, to have your blogs featured on Google Discovery, your websites must have a certain level of trust & authority. There are many ways to improve this aspect. But to get your blogs featured on Google Discovery, we highly suggest you spend your resources making your authors look as trustworthy as possible via both on-page and off-page methods.
  • High-quality content: Knowing your audience, knowing what they love, and producing high-quality content about those topics is the bread and butter of getting featured on Google Discovery. More specifically, Google loves to feature content on trending topics, and content updating news in large industries, so you can focus on producing those kinds of content. Also, marking the publishing dates, and editing dates makes your blogs more likely to be on Google Discovery than before.
  • High-quality pictures: pictures take a large portion of Google Discovery, so make sure your pictures look nice, sharp, and have fast-loading time.
  • Optimize UX of your website: nice-looking pics, great content, and trustworthy authors still mean nothing if your sites have terrible UX. Before thinking about Google Discovery, you should consider having your UI optimized with a decent UI design, with clean code for fast-loading time.
  • Schema marking: last but not least, deploy the necessary schema data to submit additional information for your websites and your blogs, which helps Google fully understand your content, thus having higher chances of being featured on Google Discovery.

Hope this help and let me know if you have any questions 💗

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