Can we build aesthetic pages in Shopify using a page builder app?

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We currently have a website with WordPress and an e-commerce store with BigCommerce, but I'm considering moving it all to Shopify.  Don't ask, it was a requirement at the time and it's just been a big task that we've put off for too many years. As you can imagine I have many questions!


Our website has about 5 pages that don't appear on our ecommerce site.  These were built with Elementor on wordpress. I know Elementor is a WordPress page builder.  Is it possible to build aesthetically pleasing pages on Shopify with a page builder app? If so, what apps do you recommend?  I don't really want to pay $20/month for these apps as the pages aren't going to change much at all once created. I'm trying to reduce costs by combining these sites, not add to the monthly cost.


Most of the apps we use on our BC site are available as apps in Shopify, so I think that should be relatively straightforward to setup (Klaviyo, ShipperHQ, Shipstation) We also sync with Quickbooks online and I'm told there's an app for that too.


We have about 10 years of orders, customers, gift certificates etc.  Have you used Matrixify, if so do you have feedback?


I think that's it for now.

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Hello @DeeLT,


My team has migrated numerous online stores from one platform to another - both using extensions for migration as well as migrating with custom scripts and native platform functionality.


My team has worked with Matrixify. This app provides a great set of tools for the migration of data from other platforms to Shopify. With this app, you can export and import important data, such as products, customers, orders, pages, blog posts, discounts, and all the other valuable content you undoubtedly have.


Its main advantages are:

  • reasonable import time
  • convenient data modification and deletion
  • detailed instructions and step-by-step guides are available
  • suitable for export products and processing of loads of other data, etc.

Despite its advantages, this app has some limitations that you should know about. The app can’t cope with multi-store data and won’t correctly process the data from multi-language stores.


The migration process can imply more challenges and issues. Sometimes unexpected errors may appear, which are very difficult to anticipate before they happen. But everything depends on the size of the store and its complexity, the types of products, and the experience of the e-commerce developers engaged in the store migration process.


So if you need any consultation or assistance, don't hesitate to ask.


Best regards,

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Hi there, @DeeLT! Thanks for taking the time to reach out to the Shopify Community today with your questions around your migration to Shopify! My name is Imogen. It's good to meet you!


Congrats on making such a big move! I wanted to jump in here because I noticed your question around 'page builder apps'. The Page Building app that I'm most familiar with is Shogun, but I saw your comment about trying to reduce additionally monthly costs, so I won't make this suggestion. Instead, I'll suggest that you take a few moments to check out this page in our Shopify App Store. This page has several of the most popular and positively rated page building apps available in our Store, and there are plenty of great options to choose from! Some examples you can consider are PageFly, GemPages, and Beae! These are three fantastic options you should take some time exploring to see if you can find one worth giving a go for your own page building needs!

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@DeeLT Good luck with the move! We used to use BigCommerce way back in the day, and I think you'll find Shopify quite a bit easier to use, without losing any functionality.


You normally don't even need an extra app in Shopify to build your pages. Unless there's anything special on those pages, it's quite easy to build a standard page in Shopify with the built in editor they have. (kind of like the built in editor that Wordpress has.) One tip for that - don't forget to use the SEO/Redirect settings in Shopify to redirect the URLS of your current pages to your new Shopify pages, in case the URLS of your new Shopify pages are different!


We switched from BigCommerce to WooCommerce, and then to Shopify where we are now. In regards to QuickBooks Online - you may want to avoid the built in QuickBooks Online app, it has quite bad reviews, and messed up our QuickBooks quite a bit, like it seems to have done for others. 


In WooCommerce, we used MyWorks to keep us in sync with QuickBooks, and it worked marvelously. We use it in Shopify now as well, and it's been super solid to keep QuickBooks nice and synced up without any manual effort on our end (we have it syncing orders to QuickBooks, and inventory/pricing back to Shopify). We really appreciate the thought-through settings it has, and we use most of them, like setting classes in QuickBooks, and custom field mapping. 


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We have been using BigCommerce for over a decade and while in the process to migrating to woocommerce realized it wasnt a good fit and are now pivoting to shopify. We are currently on BigCommerce V2. Did you migrate a large amount of products, orders and customer info? We are currently looking at all the migrating options and trying to determine which is the best fit

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We have less than 200 products, but we have about 53k orders and 18k customers. We are probably going to use litextension with a custom tool for gift certificates as Shopify doesn't allow you to migrate them unless you are on Shopify Plus 

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I haven't used Matrixify, but LitExtension is a viable option. They offer migration tools for over 200 ecommerce platforms and have over ten years of experience in their field. I believe this could be a new way of thinking about your migration procedure. Try contacting them to get the best solution.

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Hi! We just released an app that solves this, and it's 100% free: 


We aim to create a similar editing experience to Canva / Google Slides / PowerPoint but built specifically for Shopify!


I would love to get your feedback on our app 🙂

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