Can you duplicate a shipping profile for specific zones?

Can you duplicate a shipping profile for specific zones?

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I was wondering if is possible to duplicate a shipping profile.

Since I am preparing some special offer with specific shipping prices just for some zones this would be very helpful.





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Hey, @VertiShop! Welcome to Shopify Community!


It's not possible to duplicate a shipping profile at this moment, however, I can imagine how this can positively affect your workflow in configuring your shipping settings. I'd love to submit this as a feature suggestion to our platform development team so they can look into the possibility of adding this in the future.


We don't seem to have a workaround for this except to manually create shipping profiles, but if you could give me additional context around your desired shipping setup I'll take a second look. Could you please tell me more about what you need to achieve? How many shipping profiles are you looking to create and how complex are the shipping rates? Feel free to provide details and I'll see if there's a way to expedite your workflow with our existing features.

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Yes, please submit as a feature suggestion! It is so much work to create each shipping profile from scratch. It would be extremely helpful to duplicate an existing shipping profile as a starting point.

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I to would like this feature

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me too

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I would also like to have this feature. It's useful if I only need to add an additional shipping profile, while changing only one aspect of the original shipping profile. It takes time to copy info from one to the next when you consider some sellers exclude 50-100 countries from ordering for various reasons.

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Yes, please. This would be very helpful when preparing integrations. 100+ countries and 5-10 rules per country. For example - we are switching to a 3PL solution and are doing testing parallel to production using test products. Taking many hours to copy a profile....  😅

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PLEEEEZ make this happen. I'm over here manually creating identical shipping rules for dozens of countries. Thank you!!!

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We really need this development for our business too. We are a marketplace-like platform where we advertise for sale hundreds of products offered from multiple sellers. As each product is very different in size, shape and value, we ask our sellers to give a custom shipping fee for each product broken down as: UK, Europe, Rest of World. This means that for almost EVERY product on our store we will have to create a manual shipping zone comprising European countries and ROW countries to then place a custom shipping rate. It uses a massive amount of time to go through and select these countries over and over and over for each shipping profile.


As suggested above, if I could create a saved zone for Europe and ROW, this would improve our workflow and save a massive amount of wasted time creating the same zone, over and over, potentially hundreds of times every month. We just need a way to save zones.


I'm trying to see if there's a workaround for this or some other way to save us from this huge drain on our time and resources. Thank you.

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Seems like this a no brainer.  Having to set up the shipments for different products takes forever.  Duplicating shipping profiles to create a new one would save so much time.  Why hasn't this been implemented by now?

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It's completely crazy that this isn't a feature yet, given how many frustrated customers have requested it. Insanity!

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I could also use this feature as I have two inventory locations and they both ship to the same zones. I currently have to manually enter each country for the zone every time I add the second location to a shipping profile. I feel like if you name the zone it should save it for you and allow you to just search for the name ?

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Question for Shopify support... A year has passed and nothing has happened. When can we expect such a simple thing to be introduced? This would be very helpful for any seller using the platform.