Checkouts are not available for this store.

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Our Shopify development store encountered such weird issue 2 days ago. Just can't finish the checkout process. Could anyone help with this?





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Contacted the partner support and got the checkout enabled again. But worth to mention that per support rep, add testing order from admin console will disable it again.

"I've gone ahead and re-enabled your checkout, but you can only test orders with the bogus gateway on the regular checkout page, otherwise the checkout will become automatically disabled again."

I didn't see good reason that Shopify should set this limit to a development store. It just created so many problems to developers and also lots of support cases to Shopify itself.

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Bumping this because my checkouts are disabled and support can't figure out how to re-enable. Please for the love of god allow us to make test orders in the admin again. I cannot do my job.

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Can confirm that the checkout gets locked for development store when you hit 50 (as mentioned by @Ed29) orders after which it does not really matter what or how you had configured it. It will remain locked.

Workaround that I applied as it was the fastest way forward for me (guide assumes that your development store is called my-test-store

  1. open the admin of the my-test-store
  2. export the products of my-test-store (doable from the products list view of products in admin)
  3. export the contacts of my-test-store (doable from the contacts list view of products in admin)
  4. open partners portal
  5. create a completely new store (I just chose the dev store that I used before and suffixed it with N+1, so my previous my-test-store became my-test-store2)
  6. open the admin of the my-test-store
  7. import the previously created exports for: products, contacts (functionality reachable at the same place where you performed the exports)
  8. archive the previous store (optional, but allows you to keep things nice and tidy, the store is dead anyways).
  9. keep on developing

I am not sure why the official support keeps on dancing around this without mentioning this particular hard limit. They probably have their reasons.

Notes / Rant

Initially - naively - I thought that I could re-enable the checkout by just deleting all the orders that I had created for the other (my-test-store) but unfortunately that did not solve my issue. That would otherwise be the way that I would suggest Shopify team to implement the limit (if they are really dead-set having it in place): have it dynamically assess the number of orders the user has created and leave it up to them to perform the cleanup. 

One thing that I have not yet tested: could one avoid the checkout locking if they actively keep order count under 50 by deleting them after whatever integration has been tested with them.

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@Olivia Can you remove the "Accepted solution" from this issue because your instructions to "To test orders as intended, please complete checkout from the online store checkout using test mode as described earlier." and "To clarify, this is expected behaviour when testing orders with drafts and not a bug. I trust this will provide further insight." is incorrect. This is what all the developers on this thread are trying to express.

I recorded a video to review the issue. Essentially the instructions provided on this page do not work after the 50th order.

From the page:

By placing a test order, you can make sure that your development store's checkout process and settings for order processing, inventory, shipping, email notifications, and taxes are all correct. Development stores can process unlimited test orders.

There are two ways to test orders in a development store:

After the 50th order the only workaround is to create a brand new test store which is very inconvenient for all developers.



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After talking to support multiple times they have confirmed that once a store reaches 50 orders it is locked. They can increase this limit, marginally. But there is a hard limit at which our store will become useless. 

It is all good and well to export products and customers and create new stores but we then need to reconfigure a new store every 50 orders. Then some of our apps are integrations which rely on product/variant ids and inventory levels. If we hit 50 order mid development creating a new store means starting again as ids aren't going to match anymore. 

I appreciate there must be a strong business reason for Shopify to limit orders in development stores but there has to be a better way to achieve your outcome that does not screw your developer community. 

@Olivia as a community manager can you please advocate for us? If you are going to call us partners please listen to our feedback and work with us and not just shun us. 

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In short, if the Shopify's Bogus Gateway is used, the 50 orders max per test account limit should be removed.

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Hi @Olivia ,


I am also having the same problem. 

I am working on a development store to create test orders, when I try to create order(s), I get the following error message:

When I try to create an order using the site: (
"Checkouts are not currently enabled: Merchant's trial period expired."

When I try to create an order using admin:
"Checkouts are not available for this store."

Is it some kind of limitation that Shopify recently introduced because we had always been working with that store without any issues.

Also, the store was created using our partner account so we dont think we should have a trial period.

Immediate help will really be appreciated.

Shop id: test-4453




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You have to make a new store. After 50 orders the account is effectively burned. Don't bother with support; they never reached back out after my chat on this issue- because they have no fix.

Shopify is giving devs the middle finger with all of this. Ridiculous as we are bringing in revenue for them.

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Best in class developer experience is not a phrase easily associated with Shopify.

There has been a consistent increase in areas of friction in the developer experience for the platform.

It is an absurdity of an idea that everything has to perfectly done in under 50 test orders by new devs, or devshops needing to constantly test integrations who steadily bring value to a platform that goes out of it's way to put in strange hindrances to punish those value creators because of other bad actors in the system. An absurdity.

This type of psychotic end result from internal problems makes developers question shopify's integrity from having an inability to understand or create architecture that can support basic test mocking.

Worst in class developer experience can easily become the only phrase associated with Shopify.



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Hi @Olivia ,


I am facing the same issue with my store.

Please enable checkout for my store.