Contact Us Form Not Sending Email

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I have set Contact Us page with the template. I have a form that seems to function, at least to the user as you can fill it in and hit the Submit button (you get a 'successfully submitted' message on the screen).

However the email does not sent, I have tried several times. Also deleting and creating the page again.


All my settings seem to be correct, the Customer email properly set too.


Please someone help me! Thank you :)


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Hi Dan, 

Having the same issue.

Everything works with the contact form. Everything is setup properly on Zoho. I have another store setup the same way and it is working just fine, but for this store I cannot receive customer messages from the contact form.

My theme is a free one on the store I am having trouble with but that should not be an issue right?



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Update #2: 
Problem resolved.
The error was caused by Shopify. Support fixed it. 
The email address was on their suppression list - probably due to an issue in the past that created irregular results. 
Happy, that everything works now, but still irritated, that there is no pro-active information about this.  

Update #1: 
Just figured out that Sender E-Mail:  works while info__at__ does NOT work...
Could that be an issue with Microsoft Exchange? Lina is the primary account address, but info is entered as alternative e-mail address and I can send / received e-mails via Outlook from both aliases. 

@tapigotapioca : looks like you also use Microsoft Exchange for your e-mail address. Have you been able to fix the issue? My web forms have worked in the past 100% (I've tested them)... now, I find out by accident that they do not work anymore. 

@GCWebTeam : do you have any other suggestions? I've added all kinds of "include: google / shopify / ..." and "mx a" records, but contact forms will still not work. No errors, but no e-mails either. 

This is the domain with one of the non-working contact forms:

It is SO frustrating and I wonder what I have missed that caused this issue. Not sure for how many days, weeks, months people cannot reach me via these forms. Horrible! 

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Hello Koena, I am glad support was able to fix that for you. I did not have the same luck as they blamed outlook for error. I removed the contact forms from the website. I hope they could help me as they did for you.  

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Seems like people are having trouble with emails. Why not create a contact form which directly goes to you email. The contact form will have product title and SKU. Some website charge for this.  You don't have to install an up or sign up for subscription. It is FREE. Just check this link

I do not work with Shopify. I am not looking to be hired or being paid. Just wanted to help.
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I'm having the same problem. I don't get a message when someone sends a message via the form. Paid store set up for years.

Hopefully Dan is still around

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My email on contact us page has randomly stopped working. No changes to code. Anyone know whats going on?

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That is the main reason why I did not want to directly use my google email with shopify. Don't want to mess up with Google.  I use EmailJS. They have a free 200 emails per month. If you go over 200, then you have to pay subscription. If you need help in setting up your emailJS, here's the link. There is also another way to create a contact form. Check this video


Note: I don't work, nor earn anything from EmailJS

I do not work with Shopify. I am not looking to be hired or being paid. Just wanted to help.
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Hi Friend - I tried both TXT records, neither are working. My domain was purchased through shopify, but my email is hosted on GSuite. So confused!

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Hi Dna,


I am having the same issue, i tried to upload v=spf1 ~all as TXT in DNS settings. I am still not getting emails from the contact form.



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Hi all,

Most of the time its not Shopify settings, its the way your domain is setup and the email provider you are using. eg if you use Godaddy for the domain ( the ppl you bought the domain from ) and use google ( gmail ) for the email then all the DNS settings need to be correct so the contact from ( shopify ) has permissions to SEND emails using your domain name ( from the contact form ), and not being marked as SPAM and being deleted / ignored. 

Using third party forms/apps send the form and details to them first ( and if you use an app also sends all your customer data, store data to them too ) will work too. But the webpage form load time is increased since the from has to load from third parties - conclusion - risky and not private and slow. Free? haha, they sell your data gathered about your store. Do you really want unknown third parties reading all your messages? You might not mind, but your customers might.

If you find that the contact form was working for years, now suddently stopped working, 100% your email provider ( eg gmail ) has added more spam filters and because you never setup the DNS properly, contact form messages being sent are marked as spam ( deleted ) or Shopify is not authorised to send email as your domain.

100% google and Shopify work together, thats just FUD that "i'm afraid that it will break my gmail"  lol

Finally, in some cases, even when you have setup your email to work with Shopify, your email provider ( gmail, zoho etc ) may have seen Shopify trying to send forms for a while and BLOCKED SHOPIFY. Once you have setup correctly, you need to contact the email provider to UNBLOCK Shopify from sending, or whitelist Shopify servers.

Lastly, in very few cases, after all this is setup well, please check the messages aren't going to your SPAM folder in your office365, macmail or whatever. LOL, thats the easiest problem to fix !!!

This thread will fix 80% of dramas,


>>>>>   TLDR  <<<<<


PM me or hit me up at the webpage in my signature and I'll have a look. But I am not shopify support and need to pay bills too ( so dont ask for free ). Happy to help with all things Shopify with your store too.



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