Customers all saying their address is invalid

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All my customers are complaining they cannot place orders because Shopify is saying their address is invalid. I am using the Buy Button and as soon as they submit their order it denies the sale.


I have validated them using USPS and they are valid addresses. There is NO problem with the address. None. They have tried Credit card, PayPal and Apple Pay. None of them work. They cannot buy my products.


This sucks and I am not making any money. I am getting lots of abandoned carts though.


Anyone have any ideas? 

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Hey, @bigdog27!


I'm Lizzy, one of the Gurus on the support team at Shopify. I'd like to look into this with you to help you start seeing sales come through! When did you first start receiving reports of this happening?

Most often, when customers are having trouble checking out based on their address it is related to a store's shipping zones not matching up with what they've entered. Have you been able to check whether the abandoned carts have addresses based in countries that you have created shipping rules for?

If this isn't what's causing the issues, it could potentially be related to an app or payment gateway. Did your customers happen to share any screenshots of the error message that they're seeing? Were you able to replicate it on your end as well?

Please let me know if the addresses don't appear to be in conflict with your shipping settings, so that I can start the process for taking a look at your account in more detail!

Thank you,

Lizzy | Social Care @ Shopify
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HI @Lizzy i was wondering if maybe you can give me insight on my issue as well, 

i have my upcoming launch and i have been trying to get everything prepared however I tried placing an order on my store and it has denied me multiple times and no one seems to understand me why, once i go to check out and i hit paypal to check out it keeps showing this error message. 

please give me insight

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I am having this issue as well. My customer has purchased from me previously and is using the same billing/shipping address. She is receiving the error message in the attached photo.IMG_3015.png

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I'm having this same issue. The customers are getting their address is invalid or cannot validate and not letting them proceed with their order. I have three stores and this is happening in all of them.

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I also had the same issue when I enabled local delivery. In this case, It works properly only when the content in address field is correctly recognised by shopify.

So if this your case, the alternate method would be to either disable local delivery or keep the manual shipping method also active as before. Hope this helps.

Shan |

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I am having the same issue.

One of my most loyal customers thought that we were no longer shipping to Nevada. We had to complete an order by phone but I would like her to be able to order online again.

I am also concerned if other customers have this error message and leave their carts.

It is not my shipping zones settings because the whole United States is one zone. 

Thank you for any help.

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We had this issue as well, and I think it ended up being because we had products "available" at multiple locations (even if they didn't hold inventory) that we hadn't set up shipping profiles for.

So we removed the location from all of the products tied to it/made the location (under Settings > Locations) inactive/unable to sell from.

When you make a location inactive, it does ask you where you want to transfer any inventory - I wish I had known this before manually un-clicking the inventory for every product, FYI!