Delete an order from unfulfilled screen

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Can you please advise how I can remove a cancelled order from my 'unfulfilled' filter please?


I have refunded and cancelled the order however it's still showing on my unfulfilled screen and it's really frustrating when i'm trying to work through my unfulfilled orders. 


Or is there anyone who can help remove this?

Thank you


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I'm going to also request this feature be added ASAP.  When an order is cancelled, it should automatically no longer count as "unfulfilled" because there is no longer something to fulfill.  I have to keep a running count in my head of cancelled orders so I know at a glance if there is something new to fulfill or not.  That's just silly.  Thank you for adding this feature soon!!

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The funny thing is ... Shopify says this issue is Solved ... it is not ...


I just had a chat with Shopify ... they say they will forward it to the developer .... haha ... since over one year there is now progress in this


Shopify ... as leading ecommerce plattform in the world ... please please please give one developers of yours one day time to get rid of this bug ... it is really pretty annoying



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I am also waiting for this fix. How can we escalate this?



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Hi Nick,


This is still an outstanding issue and should not be showing as solved. When can we expect a solution to this??




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I've just had a customer try to make a purchase twice for the same item over a few days. Both times they wanted to pay with bank transfer. They finally sent a screenshot of payment and noticed they had an incorrect bank acc number! 

So obviously they decided to cancel their order/s.

So NO purchase, NO payment and I have now cancelled the orders how ever they still show as unfulfilled. I have fulfilled them by cancelling them both! 

This is really a poor solution to to the back end order management! 

And I notice is has been with the developers for 2 years! 

Can't understand how an obviously flawed hiccup like this cannot be fixed in a shorter time frame than 2 YEARS !

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Came here looking for an answer to this question. Disappointed there isn't an answer to this question. Requesting a delete, or a real archive button for this issue. It's maddening to see open orders when there are none. 

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This is ridiculous that you can’t clear out refunded or cancelled orders from your queue. Seems like a simple fix but all the fees we’re collectively paying isn’t enough for Shopify to fix this 😐


Boo this issue.