Disable customer notification emails?

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for your input and feedback on this topic. I have created a feature request for each of you on this for our development team. 

If there is an update on it at all, I will be sure to update the topic here to make you all aware. In the meantime, you can keep an eye on the Shopify Changelog here

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Thank you. I wish to turn these emails off and use webhooks to send out specific customer interactions and communications. Sadly, most of the sending IPs for the given SPF record have been blacklisted at least once so deliverability for default emails are poor.

I use a service to send emails with custom templates but at the moment there are double emails for customers which is a very bad experience. Please allow me to turn off all notifications and use webhooks to send these events to my clients.

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Where can you turn off these emails? 

A shopify rep sent me to this forum (after about 1.5 hours on a chat) and documentation seems to be lacking. Those that can be turned off, if there's not a specific checkbox, how can you do that?

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I would like to see a solution for this please.

I don't understand why we can't stop emails from going to our customers.

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Can Shopify come up with a solution - I am using BillBee and do not need two emails beeing sent to my customer  -  and no I do not want to turn off the notification when sending seperately.

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we are in 2021... The request is from 2014 !!!!!!!

I can't believe it...

Still the same answer from "Shopify" received today!!!

I am happy to share with you that I have raised a feature request and it will be shared with the appropriate team automatically. If there are sufficient votes and depending upon other internal parameters you may soon see this feature available to you, but there are no promises.



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yes!!!  I noticed it was a 2014 post and was hoping that page 6 would reveal the answer..... apparently not!!  This is bad as I want to personally send my emails when they buy different products and not have the same one going out, plus too many emails puts off a customer!!

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Is there any update on the progress of this? Sending multiple emails when integrating with partners like Mailchimp is not ideal. 

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Any support from shopify?

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No reply from Shopify since 2014... that's the point which made my decision to leave Shopify

I finally choose to move from Shopify to Wordpress/Woocommerce, and I AM SO HAPPY !!!