Display product variant instead of price on Shopify gift cards

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Hi everyone, 

I would like to change the way my gift cards are displayed. I would like to be able to display the product variant instead of the price. 

This is the product: https://agustav.is/collections/born/products/gift-card

At the moment the gift card states 6.990 kr or 8.490 kr but I would like it to state: 

Alin með viðarenda 


Alin með messingenda

depending on the product variant chosen. 

I've gotten so far as to understand that I must place the change in the gift_card.liquid file and most likely in this section: 

{% assign initial_value_size = formatted_initial_value | size %}
            <div class="h1 giftcard__amount{% if initial_value_size > 6 %} giftcard__amount--medium{% endif %}">
              {% if gift_card.balance != gift_card.initial_value %}
                <span class="tooltip">
                  <span class="tooltip__label">{{ gift_card.balance | money }} <small>left</small></span>
              {% endif %}
              <strong>{{ formatted_initial_value }}</strong>
and that the change is probably somewhere along the lines of putting in product.variant somewhere but I am a little lost....
Anyone out there with mean skills that can help ?  
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Hi @AM_V 

Hope you're having a great day!

I just saw that you solved your problem.

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Hi Michael, 

thank you for replying but I haven't solved the problem...

If you have any insight as into what might work I would love to hear it