DMCA takedown notice

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Hi everyone,

I am new here and recently sat up my shop. I have made 300+ sales so far. However, there is problem I faced today. I got an email from Shopify with regards to DMCA takedown notice. I have been using the product product Title from different website as a part of my product title! And They are saying that "I have been selling the product "XYZ" for more than a year now, But the store "ABC(My Store)" just copied all my work and started selling it. This is totally wrong, They are selling the same product by our name with cheaper rates just to scam out of people. I have already filed a DMCA against them before. Kindly take action strict action. this time as soon as possible so that they won't make this mistake again in the future." That is true that we are selling cheaper then them but it does not mean that we are doing scam! And there are 10-12 other stores out there which are using the same product title & product description as this store! And here i have just used their title as mine in addition to my extra words! And even that keyword which is being used as a title is not even a Trademark! 

Please help me if someone has any solution!