Does anyone else have trouble with the text editor (blogs, descriptions, pages, etc)?

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Love almost everything about Shopify, but I can't stand the rich text editor in the admin area. The HTML is generates is just horrendous, making it pretty difficult to correctly style with CSS. Does this thing rub anyone else the wrong way?

It's not even that the HTML is poorly written, it's that it's poorly written AND inconsistent. Sometimes you'll get an item description that uses divs instead of paragraphs, or font tags nested within font tags, even if there's no formatting visible (tags opened, then immediately closed, font changes made, then undone, etc).

Every time I turn the keys over to my customer after building them a site in Shopify, they go nuts with the wysiwyg text editor and end up somehow breaking things. I realize better CSS could help, but I feel like being forced to use this text editor is handicapping what I can do with any given Shopify store.

I also feel that some things with the text editor aren't intuitive, like the return key meaning new paragraph, and shift+return meaning line break.

I'd absolutely love an option to change all text areas to Markdown site wide.



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I don't find it that bad, but a bit flaky, sometimes something I set as h3 randomly decides to be just bold and things like that. I normally put it down to my own user error!

If I have problems, though, I just strip all the formatting with 'Tx' and start again, that just fixes it.

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Hello Bryan,

I feel the same way.
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Author your content in your own editor. Then paste the correct HTML. 

The masses need an HTML editor. The one used with Shopify is far from perfect, but there is no perfect HTML editor. 

This has been discussed to death since it was introduced. 

If you provide great markup, just save it and leave it be. 


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It really really sucks. It destroys HTML done in the HTML editor randomly converting stuff it shouldn't addign span tags all over the place. 

I have used quite a lot of CMS editors in my life this one is the nastiest by far.

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The editor is based on tinyMCE which is used on countless other CMS systems. It does require HTML5 however, so if you are adding poor or invalid markup, expect different results returned when it parses it. For extremely complex (or for invalid) html, consider making it a snippet instead.

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I agree, its absolutely terrible. In fact the rich text editor of this forum has more features than the one we actually pay for on shopify. I write html professionally and it really is an unacceptably bad section of the site. The biggest problem is around insertion of media like photos. They assume everything must be square so when you make a UI based edit to you're image, for example changing the "alt text" all of your html changes to the image are reset. This adds up to a big waste of time for people who should be spending their time growing their business, not fiddling with a bad UI.

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I gave up trying to fix the HTML for every product inserted. Figure as long as it looks correct on the site... That is until I do need to fix something. On that note, anyone else getting random new lines inserted in their copy? We'll have copy typed up in the editor looking fine, then notice on the site that there'll be a random new line/line break, but there's none in the HTML. The weirder thing is that sometimes the new line mysteriously appears only on desktop, sometimes only on mobile, occasionally on both, and sometimes we'll see a random new line one place on the desktop and another on mobile. Seems like there's some invisible newline character being inserted and the only way we can get rid of it is to remove the spaces between words, a few in front and a few behind where the line break appears. Only thing that gets rid of it, but it's really annoying and time consuming.

BTW, doesn't matter which browser is used to input the product descriptions, we use both Chrome and Safari here. Any ideas on how to have this not happen?

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Totally agree! Destroys perfectly fine html, adding classes and syntax that is unnecessarily adding complexity and mucking around with the code. 

Do you think Shopify is listening to their customers? I suppose solving the basics would cannibalize the market for certain developers to step in with some value add?

Really it should be on Shopify to address this, working with TinyMCE to address ways to improve the richtext and static html code editing experience to make it a bit more reliable and resilient to content editing.