Does Shopify enforce its policies on hosted stores?

Does Shopify enforce its policies on hosted stores?

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Asking as a customer, not as a Shopify "partner".

Does Shopify perform any KYC on it's "partners", the shops it hosts? Or anyone can open anything and sell/do whatever they want?

Quite sure whenever anyone setup a store with Shopify, it declare that it will comply with all the policies, but does Shopify have any actually checks in place to validate that the stores comply?

Why stores remain open after been reported as a scam and fraud?

Why there is no feedback to the reporter?

Does it mean Shopify just ignore it?

What should happed so Shopify will act? After all, it's a store on this platform which scams people. 

It is Shopify's job to enforce the policies and if someone doesn't comply, act accordingly up-to shutting down the shop.

What the customer can/should do if the store openly violates the Shopify T&Cs?

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