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I'm new to Shopify and have done some research without getting my question answered.

I have created some Tags that are not good. I automatically put the Hashtag when writing a Tag, and that's not necessary.

How can I edit Misspelled Tags Or how can I delete Misspelled Tags from View All Tags. If I can't delete or fix tags my View All Tags is going to get HUGE and Confusing. 



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Hi, Bill!

If you are open to an app suggestion, you can definitely add (merge), delete or replace tags using the Excelify app: https://apps.shopify.com/excel-export-import

Here is a small tutorial that tells you how to do that: https://excelify.io/2018/04/08/shopify-product-and-customer-tags-merge-delete-or-replace/

For example, if you want to delete the tag "Mispelld" from all products (no matter if it's there or no), you just import the Excel file with following columns and values:

  • "Handle" with the Handle value
  • "Tags" with value "Mispelld, Other tag to delete, ..."
  • "Tags Command" with value "DELETE"

Contact our support here if you need any help: https://excelify.io/contact-us/


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Hi Bill,

When it comes to managing your products and orders, creating and editing tags in Shopify  are very important tasks for better inventory control. Your customers will not see the tags but if you don’t use tags for your e-commerce store, it would be very hard to categorize and search for your goods when necessary. Read on our article, you'll learn about what are tags in Shopify, types of Shopify tags and how to edit them in an effective way



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Hi @William_Masters 


Another approach to take is to integrate your Shopify store with Airtable , and then use Airtable to update your tags in bulk and to update which products are tagged with each tag. Check out our guide on how to bulk update Shopify tags with Airtable.

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You can select all of your products on the product page, then click edit products. From there you can remove tags. When no products have that tag anymore, it goes away.

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The best way to edit tags in bulk is to use any of the great applications available. I am using Tag Genie for my store and it has been awesome. 
Once your store starts growing it is difficult to stay on top of tags without some additional tool. Tag Genie helped me better organize my store https://lovelabels.shop . I have added, renamed, and deleted countless tags and it would have been very difficult without using an app. 

Tag Genie Website: https://www.taggenieapp.com/
App Store - Tag Genie ‑ Manage & Automate | Shopify App Store