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Environmental Impact Plugin for Shopify Stores

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Hi! We are in the process of creating a plugin that might be able to bring some value to this Social Impact thread. We would love your feedback, what you guys like, do not like and just anything that comes to mind. Now let me introduce the free Impact Calculator, with the ability to Measure, Improve and Showcase the inevitable change in the market. Created specifically to help e-commerce store owners understand the impact of their products and allows them to know the ins and outs of their business. At no cost.

It is crazy to think that now every three in five consumers are prioritizing ethical issues in their purchasing decisions, sustainable companies are now getting an increased share of the market! You guys probably already know all of this but hopefully this can help. We know that companies are constantly searching for ways to be sustainable, with its challenges and all. One of the biggest being understanding the overall impact of your products and marketing your sustainability efforts in a simple, yet effective way.We want store owners to let us know if this is something they would even be interested in and if they would join our beta community and get access to our beta when it launches and try it out!

Please, any feedback would be extremely helpful. Thank you so much.

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