Error Importing Products - Option Value Provided for Unknown Options

Error Importing Products - Option Value Provided for Unknown Options

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I am trying to upload a large inventory into a new Shopify store. I keep getting the "option value provided for unknown options" error and do not know how to fix it. 


I am using the options "Size, Color, and Region" for each bottle of wine. I really do not want to have to go in and input this information manually for all 650 products. Does anybody know what I am doing wrong? 


I have attached my excel sheet for reference. 


Thank you in advance!



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Hi, @Jaime23.


Thanks for posting to the forum. CSV's can definitely be tricky!!


While I can't download your file due to device security, I can still explain why you are getting that error. 


When you receive the error "option value provided for unknown options" it means that you have provided options for a variant that doesn't exist in your spreadsheet. You must ensure for every Option Name there is also an Option Value. For example, Option 1 Name and Option 1 Value must always be filled out. However, Option 2 Name and Option 2 Value and Option 3 Name and Option 3 Value are optional. The important thing to rememeber, however, is if a name is filled out, the value must also be filled out, and vice versa. I hope that makes sense!


Once you have this resolved, please let me know and kindly provide your domain name. I would love to take a look and see what additional support I can provide. As you're selling wine, I would love to learn more about your marketing strategy as well!


Skye | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Skye, 


Thank you for replying! That kind of clears it up however I am still not sure what is wrong with my CSV. For example, every wine has Option1 Name as "Size" and then Option1 Value as "750ml, 1.5L, etc.) 


I'm sure that I am setting it up incorrectly somehow but can't dial it in. I've attached my CSV file to this message. Hopefully you can open it and see what is wrong.


Thanks again!



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Hi Jaime23,

The 'Handle' column in your csv appears to be empty.  I think that is a key field for the importing.

I hope this helps.  When you export to csv it should include the 'Handle' values.



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@Jaime23 as @jaxter noted (but I didn't double check your CSV file) not having a handle value could be problematic. I had a 300+ CSV and removed the handles, hoping Shopify would automatically make them. Several imports failed with the same error you saw, and some even appeared to work but after completion I found that no products were in the inventory. As soon as I re-added the handles then everything imported as expected without any errors.

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I have few issues I am getting this all the time.



I think it's due to not having the variants in older products historically, it can't be created from scrach? more over, I find this


where you can preset some definitions, but still wasn't able to post the variants properly.


any ideas what's the best way to do this? thx