Experiences with Shopify Capital for inventory expansion: any insights?

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Does anyone have experience with Shopify Capital?

We're considering taking an offer (to expand inventory) for it largely because of the convenience of the daily remittance rather than a fixed monthly loan repayment figure and while the loan fee is quite high the trade off of convenient repayment works for us.

It all seemed really good and we were ready to sign up but now I'm finding our business address held by Shopify is out of date and they won't extend the offer beyond the original 4 days ("because it's based on revenue" as if an extra few days would make a significant difference) and so while I'm waiting for their own support department to correct our details, it just has a bit of a smell about it I'm not 100% satisfied about and because they're rushing me to sign up it also leaves no time to have the T&C's reviewed by our solicitor.

I don't necessarily think there's anything shady about Shopify Capital but I've also seen a couple of threads online from people saying Shopify has locked their stores for various reasons too which also makes me uneasy so if anyone's had any experiences good or bad with Shopify Captial I'd love to hear them.


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Shopify Capital is alright.  I've never had any sort of "shady" experience.  I tally up my sales on a spreadsheet every night and everything always matches up.  If you read between the lines on the complaints it's usually people who have all but shut down their stores while they still have a note out.  I think there's a minimum quarterly payment or whatever but as long as your sell consistently (even if not very much) the repayment terms are what they say they are.