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Hi, I want to export my Shopify blog to a Wordpress site. (This is not because Shopify is bad, I am actually very happy with it, but selling plants online is not really worth it the packaging is too much work and Australia Post fees are too high, but that's just on a side note).

How can I export my blog posts other than manually? Is there a faster method?

Thank you so much!

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No one answered me so far and I am a bit disappointed! The web is changing so rapidly, that a solution for that should be there!

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There are a few ways to do this but if you have a lot of posts, your best bet is probably to use an app called Excelify.
There is an article here, albeit in reverse https://excelify.io/tutorials/migrate-blog-posts-from-wordpress-to-shopify/
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This is not a correct solution that you have offered.   If you reread the title, it states:  How to migrate shopify blog posts to Wordpress website.  Not vise versa..   The link you have shared only gives a solution to the opposite.  How to migrate to a Shopify store...