Facebook - commerce account Not aproved Error with Facebook

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Hello, I've been struggling lately trying to link the store to my Facebook page.  

I followed all the procedure in shopify via the "sales channel +". the facebook shop and instagram shopping both show as ACTIVE.

But when i open the "customize Shop" and go to the commerce manager page the store show up as Unpublished. And I get a message from Facebook saying:

"shop updates can't be published because your commerce account didn't pass our standard review", no explanations or any other option to know what is wrong or not in compliance with their policy. Some of my products ( simple tshirt) also just got the " Not approved " stamp don't now why? 

What can one do to get the shop working with Facebook and get then to approve/ allow publishing of the store? 

Any help or advise is welcome as i exhausted all the options i could think of. Thanks! 

Facebook and insta both active on shopifyFacebook and insta both active on shopifyunpublished error in facebookunpublished error in facebookError/ no option to publish within the mannager commerce accountError/ no option to publish within the mannager commerce account

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Hi Everyone! I have the same issue. Instagram approved the commerce account, but Facebook denied it twice. I have no ability to even go in and ask for another review. We sell paintings and have zero issues with our products. It is insanity trying to get this shop approved. Now I am locked out from asking for another approval for our Facebook commerce account.

I contacted Shopify to see if they have any information on this issue and they have been getting several calls. Facebook is aware of the issue from denying commerce stores for no apparent reason.

YOU CAN SUBMIT A TICKET TO FACEBOOK TO REVIEW !! submit a ticket at www.facebook.com/help/contact/commerce good luck!! Everyone should start submitting tickets to Facebook so it forces them to fix this issue quicker



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I'm having the exact same problem. 


I set up my FB commerce profile last week, linked it to my shopify website. However my website was not finalized at the time so I had it password protected. 

Due to this reason I believe FB denied publishing my store to my FB Commerce. (which is fair enough to be honest)


But heres the thing. Comes today, I am about to launch my store, I go live and get rid of my password protected website. 

Request a review from FB for my commerce store ot be approved on FB, but it got denied again!

Maybe i was meant to wait several hours since getting rid of my password? 

Now i am stuck. Cant request another review. No idea where to contact FB. 


Someone please help i have been trying to resolve the matter for over 4 hours now. 


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I’ve had the same issue for 4 weeks – FB shop in review – contacted Fb they stated I just had to be patient.

Shame on Shopify for not trying to sort this it – seems to be a definite glitch in the system
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I'm halfway through getting some where with this

How to

Deactivate your commerce account in Commerce Manager


Facebook Commerce Support Form


I don't know if this will work, but it may. I'm in New Zealand so Shopify and Facebook backends are set up differently here





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Hey All,

My situation is 

Instagram shop - approved

Commerce account not approved ( i dont even see the review button as I have reviewed once)

I can tag the products in Fb posts and can see the products in catalog but still says my Fb shop cant be published, though have my instagram shop published.


I am going nuts over this situation.


Could anyone help us ?




Any updates on your situation?


Thanks in advance.



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Sending in reviews is a bad idea unless there will sort the problem. Facebook will block your ability to review , I'm unsure how it works, but my reviews wont work.

I've just been told that my account isn't frozen but  not approved. So like you I have no options and no shop

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Also have this issue. 

Facebook won’t be approved and I had requested a review and that was denied. Now there is no option to review again? 

i also looked at trying to delete the commerce and start again, but for the life of me cannot find the deactivate. 

FB contacted me and said my page as listed as a product/service and not retail an to change it, so I did that but it made no difference.

I also removed any items from my catalog that May of been inappropriate, including gift cards. 

All I really want it for instragam shop, but it won’t approve without FB for me. 

Anyone figure it out let us know!! Driving me mad 

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I am trying to deactivate my account too, so I can start again- but have no idea how to??!!
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Once your account is frozen or not approved it can't be deleted. It has to be approved or unfrozen then deleted, that was from The Face Commerce Conserge.

This may be correct or may also be wrong . I have found quite often that the support people that we have access to don't really know that much and often speculate about what's going on.

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Ive been loosing my mind looking at how all morning, still can’t find it.

I only want to delete the commerce section, not the whole business manager.

Let me know if you figure it out….