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Hello Community,

Today we have a single shop on Shopify, with a single Facebook pixel.

We are about to migrate to Shopify Plus, in order to create 10 stores in 10 countries.

I wonder if we should :

- integrate a single Facebook pixel on all 10 stores

- or integrate a distinct Facebook pixel for each store (so 10 pixels)

I would like to know your thoughts about pros and cons of both models ?

Any best practice most welcomed !

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Most definitely keep one pixel for each store, so 10 in total. 

This will allow to create different Product Catalogues, different boosting, different metrics, it just doesn't make sense to place them all under one Facebook Pixel.

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Hallo JHKCreate


could you elaborate on the advantages of having 10 pixels because to me it seems like: 

with One Pixel: 

1) Easier Analysis

2) Easier testing

3) More data (Old Data available)

4) Easier Maintenance