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I have a huge problem with Shopify and Facebook.

I have a drop-shipping business. I've setup a Shopify store with Oberlo, imported my products from AliExpress. All seems bine.

Then, in Facebook I've created a page for my store.

Back in Shopify, when adding the Facebook channel, at one point I need to connect it to my Facebook account that will manage the ads.

Once I do that, Facebook instantly BANS my account informing me that there is "suspicious" activity with my account. They have asked for a photo id in order to ensure that I am the owner of the Facebook account. Although, I've sent them my state id with my picture, first name, last name, DOB, etc, all matching the Facebook account they came back and told me that they have banned me forever since they could not verify my identity.... that makes absolutely no sense.

Of course, after that I have created another account just to see what would happen and sure enough, as soon as I want to tie Shopify to Facebook, boom, Facebook instantly bans my account stating that there is "suspicious" activity.

Did anyone encounter this problem before? After being banned by Facebook (every time after I attempt to add an online Facebook sales channel), there is NO way to contact Facebook to ask what the problem is... and I can't find a way to contact Shopify either... all I am amble to do is write here in the community hoping that someone can help me.

This is a paid Shopify account with a Boss Oberlo account, paid as well, of course.