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I have only today setup my facebook shop and added all the variants (the products are images and the variants are sizes)

when I look at the products on facebook it seems to select a random variant for each product.

is there anyway to force facebook to either select the cheapest variant (i have tried reordering them in shopify to no effect) or for facebook to show the range of prices per product (based on the cheapest and most expensive product variant).



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Hey there Dan!

Genevieve from Shopify here :) 

It's not possible at this time to choose which variant price is displayed for a product with multiple price points, or to display the price range, in the All Products​ Facebook collection. It's a great idea though, so I'll launch a request with our developers to see if it can be added in future.  

In the meantime, the best option for displaying the prices you want is to create separate products for the different product variants. That way you'll have much more control over what's displayed :) 

Hope that helps! 

Genevieve S.

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Any developments on this change request?

We are testing also the facebook app and price that facebook displays is allways the last variant added which is the highest price of the product. That is bad because the clients will allways think that the product is more expensive than the competition.


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We also have this issue. Is there any news on this?

The base price that appears on facebook is allways the last variant, the most expensive one. Anayway we want to show the cheaper one. Is that possible?

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We have the same issue too! Any news?

This is forcing us to take offline the facebook shop as displaying the most expensive variants clearly makes the customer think our products are very expensive. Please fix it asap.



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We also are having same problem and want to use the FB integrated shop - why not??? however showing by default the highest priced product in 5xl size, just because it is the last one is a programming oversight that we are voting to GET attention ASAP - as it also forces us to turn off primary real estate - the FB portal (one of the primary reasons we chose your platform btw,..)

Please fix this - to default to the low side with option to show an average price or a full range.

Keep up the great work - we just wanted to provide some constructive feedback.



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I have the same issue! This is very dissapointing. The only workaround is to publish all variants as separate products with its own pricing, but that is not what I expected. In my case customer sells cakes and price depends on the weight. Insted of showing the cheapest option  - 18 EUR for 1kg, Facebook sets 162 EUR as if for 9 kg.


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I face the same challenge. The cheapest variant price is displayed on Facebook ($8) and customers expect all variants to be at this price... so it's painful. 

A workaround is to put the variant inside the product title (example: " Protein WHEY 250-500-1000g" but if you have a lot of variant it makes no sense. 

I think @Shopify you guys could put a "Starting from $X..." label OR you fix the whole variant/pricing thingy :)

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Agh, I have just uploaded my first items to Facebook Shopify and come across this problem. I make portraits and the variants are for size and number of people. The price difference is quite big and it is currently displaying the most expensive option which would definitely be offputting to a potential customer.

Shopify! Is there any action being taken on this issue?

I'll have to figure a way around it otherwise - but would be great to have it fixed as otherwise the variations system seems to work well and entering the variants was quick and painless compared to other sites my products are listed on. Just need this final bit sorted!

thank you

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Please fix this! I can't believe a company like shopping still have this kind of issues. I'm seriously considering shut down my Spotify plan just for this.