Feature Request: Product Admin - Hidden Notes Fields

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It would be nice to have a notes section that's not seen by customers on admin product pages.


Why?  I need to store Manufacturer links with my products (AliExpress, Etsy, and others).  And possibly some other data.


Would you guys consider adding a hidden notes field that can only be seen on the admin product page?


PS - I know there are apps that can do this, but it seems silly to have to pay money for this functionality.  Plus, it's really painful to have to navigate to the product, then select the app, etc.  It takes a long time to grab a simple note or in my case a link. 

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Hey, @Sarah_Shelton!


Lulu here from the Shopify Support team. Thanks for reaching out here, and I'll be more than happy to help you out.


Thanks for reaching out about your feature request! I can definitely see how this would be helpful for you. At Shopify, we pride ourselves on the continued growth and development of our platform, and we are only able to strive towards this goal with feedback and comments from merchants just like you.

There is never a guarantee that a request will get a green light, or make it to a product launch, but we really do appreciate you reaching out with your suggestion, as I’m sure you’re not the only merchant with this request. 


Kind regards,





Lulu | Social Care @ Shopify
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This is an enhancement that we would be glad to see as well. We have the option to add notes to customer accounts and sales, it would be very helpful to be able to do the same with our product files. We use the Shopify platform as the main database for our products, but it lacks some vital information options, like the original poster mentioned, no place to manage supplier data, manufacturer order numbers or ordering history. We could use a hidden notes field to handle most of this.

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We really need this option! Put in our suppliers link so when its time to reorder a product we know exactly where to go. 

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The workaround we have for this, is we use Stocky. It's a Shopify owned
app that let's you set up 4 custom fields for each product. So we have the
link to the product in one field, the variant name in another, and like a
notes field.

It's also what we use now for forecasting our reorder quantities.
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Couldn't a "Timeline" field be added, just like Shopify has on the Orders pages or the Transfers? If we could get the code for the "Timeline" which allows comments, attachments and mentions and be told where to insert it in the Product Template, I feel this would be an easy fix.


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Lulu/Shopify: The PRODUCT admin page really need at least a couple of more fields just like the current "BarCode" (AlphaNumeric) field that could be used for different purposes like adding info to the actual public page.
ALSO and equally important: An extra note text box for INTERNAL notes is badly needed!

Does Shopify has a kind of "Suggestion/Wish List" where requests such as this one can be posted?

Thank you.

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Keep it easy and download a metafields app.

youll be able to create custom fields for public and/or private. (as many as you want)

you can the use https://apps.shopify.com/specification-charts to display the public custom fields on the product pages.

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I just found this reply.

Are you able to please help me by elaborating on how you set this up and how it looks from admin point of view 


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That specification-charts app looks great for building charts but it is not free, and I don't see how that address this specific issue anyhow. We should not have to pay extra to simple write a backend note to ourselves. 

I simply want to be able to make notes like "inventory last counted by.... on date..." or  "this product did great at the fair..." etc. or "stored in Bin #215".