Fees report? Actual net income report?

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Where can I find a simple montly fees report? Also, is there a way to see an actual net income report?  

In my Financial Summary report I see a "Net sales" number, but that number is highly misleading as it is not, in fact, net.  That number includes fees to payment services (including Shopifys own payment service) as well as not reflecting shipping expenses I've incurred during the month, which is something else Shopify should have a report for since I print and pay 100% of my shipping through shopify.

Is there an actual net income number somewhere that I'm missing?  Is there an easy way to see how much I paid Shopify, PayPal and Amazon Payments in fees on a monthly basis?


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I stand corrected. The Taxes report is still useless because in order to file quarterly reports you need to have the net sales associated to the sales taxes you charged. So even though you can pull a tax summary report, you still need to go into each transaction and pull that data, one by one. I am about to loose my mind on these goddam sales taxes. Square has this report and it takes literally 10 seconds to pull all the info you need.