First 3 image thumbnails do not load in admin interface

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Every time I view one of my products in the admin interface the first 3 image thumbnails do not load and all others past that do.  If I click on any of the image thumbnails that didn't load then it displays that image full screen as expected.  I can then close that image and when admin reloads all of the image thumbnails appear.  Example shown below.


It doesn’t really cause me a problem, it’s more of an annoyance.  This behavior began suddenly a few months ago and never before in years of Shopify use.  


Is anyone else seeing this behavior?  Any suggestions or fixes?


Thank you!


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As this is an admin functionality of the store I can't help you to fix. But I can suggest you to restart your admin or just wait for few days to work it properly as before. 'coz in shopify they're developing many features recently so there's sometimes unwanted behaviors happens but that doesn't last longer. This will also work fine wit the time. 


Thank you

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To follow up, this exact same behavior is still happening,   I noticed it affects the iPhone and iPad apps but not admin via a web browser.