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Handling container deposits with bundled products

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Hi we need to show separately the price of a product\variant and the deposit associated to it. A simple solution could be when someone adds a product\variant to the cart which has deposit to it another product would be added to it representing the deposit. With this in the bill there will be a separate line item for deposit. 

An example, we sell apple juice in a glass container. When someone would buy this would add it to the cart and immediately there would be another item on the cart called bottle deposit.

Is this something that is possible to do? And when it is, how? Is there any application helping German stores with deposit systems to comply with the requirement to show the price of the deposit separately from the product price?

We were thinking to you bundled products, but it seems there it is not possible to create mandatory bundles, so that when something is put in the cart another product is added too.


Many thanks!

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This is a common enough customization and works you just submit this extra deposit-product with an ajax call then submit the full product. Or you can even do a check in your cart.liquid to make sure the deposite "product" is there in the right amounts.

Mandatory bundles are just products  with 1 final price, just use a seperate piece of logic to show the INCLUDED deposit price.

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Hi thank you, our goal is to show separately the deposits from the products in the cart and on the bill. So when someone adds a product to the cart, another deposit item is added there too. (this item may be hidden in the store, so you cannot really buy it.)

I am not familiar with ajax calls. Where and how could we add this piece of code, and what piece of code? The deposit price is different depending on the container, could we handle that too? (I guess using tags or rather metafields for variants)

Checking the cart before going checkout makes complete sense, users should not be able to remove the deposit items.

Thank you,



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We are having the same issue. Is there a solution? Code examples would be good. The bottle deposit is not taxable, and it shouldn't show as an optional product. We need to do this in order to have a correct invoice with the correct VAT on the confirmation separat from the bottle deposit. 

Any help would be appreciated 

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Please elaborate on which code to put and where.

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I have the exact same need. When customer buys a bottle of wine, Shopify adds two things to the cart: the price of the bottle of wine including tax, and the bottle deposit which is not taxable. Need to make it so that the customer can't delete the deposit as it's mandatory. I would *love* a solution to this. Thanks!

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So, is there a solution to this issue? It would seem like a simple enough issue to deal with. Yes?

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We hired BentoSMB to custom code this one for us. We’re still working through the implementation.
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Hi, any update with the custom solution? How much did it cost you to achieve this? Looking for the same solution for my client. Thanks!

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I forget exactly how much it cost but it was less than $500. Solution works great. The only problem is that it doesn't work in the POS system, so we have to add the deposits in manually for POS purchases. But most of our sales are online so it's not a problem. Bento was a great outfit to work with. Good luck!

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@BrentKlassen @GrammGenau @segvin @PegNorman @Recen 

Hi all,

We recently launched an app that takes the deposit and prevents customers from removing it in the cart. Have a look:

Also, we are working on the POS portion. We are getting close, but probably a couple weeks away.

Shoot me a note if you have any questions -