Help!!! Why there is no sales on my Ecommerce Web Site!

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Hello , 

My name is Vlad, I decided to write this post beacuse i am in a lack of ideas, how to make my website to sell.
I opened this website 2-3 month ago, and since then i tried to improve it every day, this is the website :
Every single item that is sold there is my own brand. 
For the past week, i had over 1000 Visitors, but not Sales. 
I also have a facebook page, which is conected with the Shopify page, trying to get more people to the website.
One of my post, reached over 12000 People, was viewed over 3500 times, and still no Sales.
I have an Pinterest account, which i find very hard to use and to make people go to my website.
I also have an Instagram account, that drives traffic to the website. 
What is very important, that the Brand that i sell on shopify , sells very well on other chanells.
I recently started to pay for Google Adwords, to find people who are interested in my product. I have about 10-15 people coming from there every day, but the same results.
All the pictures on the website are professional,  and i have a 30 Days return policy, with Paypal Secure Payments or any other Credit cards.

Could you please advice me maybe there is something that i don't know.
Thank you !

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Hello Vlad, Brandon here from the Shopify Guru Team :)

I had a look at your site and it is nice and clean, and the images are clear as you said. I did a test checkout just to see if there are any technical issues and I didn't find any. I did notice that you are using a banner image at the top of the checkout page, but it doesn't look very professional, so that would be one thing that I would recommend changing. What I would recommend is when you have some time, reach out to us on phone or chat so we can give you some live assistance and take a look at the back end of your store to see if there is anything we can provide further assistance with.

Outside of that, you can use these guides to show you how to make sales using Shopify, and how to drive more traffic to your site. There are stores that get thousands of visitors but don't make any sales in them, so it can take more than that to really get the ball rolling.

Hope that helps :)

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Hi Brandon,

Thank you very much for getting back to me.
First thing today i will change the banner at checkout. 
Yesterday i had 224 Unique Visitors on my website , and still nothing.
I am selling over 100 Pcs every day, but not on Shopify.

Any ideas??


Hey Vlad,

I see you have About Us page. It can be improved with video page element for example or add more testimonials of your existing ucstoemrs. It'd definitely create more "trust" to your store. PageFly app for example could helo you with that task.

Exploring your website further I've found that Widras Book of Instruction page can be improved from the presentation point of view. Image and text are positioned really closely to each other and typography is not really UX friendly. Just look at the font size on desktop and mobile, they are small. If you make it bigger it'd improve the user experience.

The solution here might be the free app PageFly to make this page more attractive. For example the dashboard below has been taked from that app. Drag and drop work flow will help you to improve that page quickly.

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