Helping stores to fundraise and cross-promotions

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I’m reaching out from HyphyPods to see if we might be able to collab on helping charities fundraise and cross-promote.


As a disabled veteran, who has had organizations help me, I feel it's important to pay it forward, by helping others!


I work with vendors that specialize in helping causes, and this is some of what they offer, for raffle/auction fundraisers:


This is an overview:


You reach out to causes of your choice. Let them know you have people in your extended network that specialize in helping with fundraising. Include the url of what can be offered in fundraising:


Those that are interested, you have them reach out to me with their contact information--name, organization's name, phone, email, time zone (especially important for global causes)--and I'll pass that on to my vendors.


You may also wish to let your audience know about how we help with fundraisers, which can include schools, churches, npos, etc, to help others in need.


For those that are interested, we work to cross promote the fundraiser, and our respective brands.


Let me know if you’re interested!

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In this situation this is a great step. Carry on.

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