How can customers toggle price visibility on a B2B website?

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Hi there,

We are looking for a solution that allows the customer, who logs in to the store, to be able to hide the price on the website.
For example. The price is currently set as invisible (using an App) until the customer logs in.
After they log in the prices appear on the website.
However, since this is a B2B website, the logged in customer may want to show the website to their customers.
In doing so, they would need to hide the price.
So we wanted to know if it is possible for a logged in customer to have a toggle switch that they can manage. In order to hide or show the price after they have logged in.
Any ideas would be very helpful
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Just thinking out loud here:


I think you need to look at the way some website offer a dark and light viewmode. They add JavaScript to load a certain class. To persist you might need to add a cookie that will run before loading the page to see what settings someone has active and it needs to fire before the CSS, otherwise you will always see it just before it vanishes again.


An easier option would be that the seller logs out when showing, then logging in to purchase the items after the presentation. 

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Thanks for the thought. We were thinking along similar lines.

We cannot show this when the seller logs out, because it is B2B. And website is not accessible to public. Pop up blocks entry to view and copy from the website.