How can I activate international shipping zones on my online store?

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I am looking to tap into the international market to begin making sales. However, even after activating the international market option under "markets" I am still not able to add different zones to my store under the "shipping and delivery" option. When I try to "add zones" all the options are grayed out. I am not sure if I am missing a step. Could someone explain to me what I am doing wrong? Please advise. Thank you!


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Hello @nerdandbetween,

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If you're having trouble adding shipping zones to your Shopify store under the 'shipping and delivery' option, there are several possible reasons for this issue. It's possible that you don't have a shipping profile set up for your store. A shipping profile consists of shipping rules that are applied to all orders. Before you can add a shipping zone, it's necessary to create a shipping profile.

Here are some solutions and steps you can take to resolve it.

* Double-check that your store's location is correctly set up. Navigate to "Settings" in your Shopify admin, select "General," and verify the accuracy of your store's address.

* Ensure that the currency used in your store is supported in the international markets you are targeting. Set the appropriate currency for the countries you want to reach by going to "Settings," selecting "General," and checking the "Standards and formats" section.

* To effectively use shipping zones, you need to activate the Carrier Calculated Shipping feature in your Shopify account. This feature allows you to configure custom shipping rates based on specific zones. Contact Shopify Support or navigate to "Settings," choose "Shipping and delivery," and check if the Carrier Calculated Shipping option is enabled for your store.

* Try clearing the cache and cookies of your browser or attempt accessing the shipping zones feature using a different browser. This can help rule out any browser-related issues.

* If you have followed the above steps and are still facing difficulties, reach out to Shopify Support directly.

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