How can I apply a discount to a single item after a sale is made?

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Is there a way to add a discount  to a single line item after the sale has been made?


For instance - A customer purchases 2 items, pays for them.  Then realizes that they did not put in a coupon code.  They reach out asking for the discount to be added to the order, after they have already paid.  Currently, we apply the % off on the whole order which takes the "discount/refund" from the total order. 

The issue we are having is that if a customer returns one item, the return is given off the total order- not just for the "discounted" price of that particular item.  


Is there a way that we can add a discount on individual items on the order, after the order is paid for? 




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If the order is already paid for, you will need to offer a partial refund. Take a look at this thread:

Hope that helps!

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