How can I automate customer tagging in Klaviyo for Shopify accounts?

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Complete newbie to all of this! 

I have recently integrated Klaviyo with my Shopify account. My aim with Klaviyo is to allow it to collect & store customer data and use it for marketing & automations etc. I have managed to set it up & link it with the newsletter popups on my shopify store. However, I am am now facing a challenge; my aim is for Shopify to automatically tag customers on Shopify, i.e. they sign up to the newsletter so are tagged with 'newsletter' (I believe I have set this up fine), the newsletter tag is then picked up by Klaviyo and relevant automations are done. I would like to tag customers who sign up to have an account on Shopify with a tag 'account holder' or something like that which will then tag them in Shopify, transfer the details to Klaviyo which will add them to an account holder list, which can do automations etc. I have managed to tag them manually in Shopify customer section (which takes data to Klaviyo etc.) but wanted it done automatically so as soon as someone signs up to have an account -> tag is attached -> customer details & tag is sent to Klaviyo -> added to a list in Klaviyo -> automations etc are sent. 

Can anyone help me or shed some light on this please?

My page is

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Hi @Paratus

Try checking out Parabola! We offer a simple drag-and-drop interface that can easily integrate with your Shopify store. If you want to update your customer tags based on the state of their account, you can certainly do that. 




With just a few clicks, you can import a list of your customers using our "Pull from Shopify" step. You can import a list of customers that were created within a specified timeframe of your choosing. The information is returned in a spreadsheet format with some familiar column headers.

In your case, you will want to target customers that have a "State" of enabled. 



The remaining steps keep customers that have an "enabled" account. It will also append "account holder" to your existing customer tags. The final export shows a list of customers that have an account and the tags we are updating



If you're interested, send us an email at and we can give you a demo and set this up for you!


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Hi Paratus,

I think there are a bunch of auto-tagging apps for your simple use case. Check out