How can I change or remove my logo from Google search results?

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Hi everyone, 


I had a problem with removing / changing my logo from the google search results. Now it crops my 'main' logo and looks unprofessional. It rather use my smaller social media logo (same as the favicon) or remove it completely if that's not possible. 



Thanks in advance!Schermafbeelding 2023-09-16 om 21.32.15.png

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There are couple things you should do to not have google show that image. 
You need to put a Disallow code in robots.txt, that when google crawls your site next time will then not crawl your logo. 
You can also see what you are allowing/disallowing my typing in the url. 
1. Edit Code -> Add a new template -> Select robots.txt as the template type (Shopify Provides this by default). 
2. On the robots.txt, you need to add a Disallow Rule. Something Similar to this

User-agent: Googlebot-Image
Disallow: /cdn/shop/files/yourlogoimagename.jpg

Once this done, google will not crawl the logo for your site. This might take few mins but you can also go to yoururl/robots.txt and see if you are disallowing your logo from getting crawled by google bot. 

Robots.txt is a very crucial file so do talk with an expert before you do this. 

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Hi, yes i do