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How can I change the URL of a product page?

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I can't for the life of me locate where to change the URL of a product. I have checked out /admin/products/########## product editor page but there is no UI for changing the URL name. Thanks in advance.

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It really seems to have been a concern for more than 2 years where there is an urgent need for action. We switched from JTL to Shopify and didn't really think about the existing URLs with which we ranked on page 1 on Google. Unfortunately, this has now become a major problem for us. logically every page on Google is now redirected to a 404 page 100%. Redirecting each of these pages to the start page is also not a solution. Since the switch from the old shop to the new shop (Shopify), our orders have been at 0 for 4 days and that in the high season in our industry. The fault is actually only "product" (http: // domain / product /) so please bring a long-awaited solution. Thank you! Michel

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@Michel010176 wrote:

The fault is actually only "product" (http: // domain / product /) so please bring a long-awaited solution. 

There is nothing at fault with the /products URL schema. 


We switched from JTL to Shopify and didn't really think about the existing URLs

If you migrated from another systems URL structure it is incumbent upon you to ensure either yourself or a migration expert sets up the proper 301 redirects to point to the proper end urls either through the current domain or from the previous servers. 

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Thank you for your quick answer.
I've already tried that with the redirects, only I would first have to import the old product URLs from JTL to Shopify. But how does the Shopify shop know which URL belongs to which product? Wouldn't it be better if I could only export Shopify's URLs first? But how does that work, everywhere I only read complete products and not just the URL.

Thanks and greetings Michel

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Hi, @Michel010176. Thanks for contributing to this thread and elaborating on how this is effecting your business. I have submitted your feedback along with a feature request for the functionality to our developers. Although I don't know if or when they may consider making an update, I do recommend keeping an eye on the Shopify Changelog. This is where it would be announced, if any changes were made. All the best!

Helen | Social Care @ Shopify 
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I need to change the url of all of my product pages because I have mismatched domains on Google.  I wanted to use my domain without the, but google will not allow me to.  How do I change the first part of the URL so that I can add that in before the /products/throw blanket.  

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I did this but now when I click on the product, it says=  404 not found.

So, what happened ?