How can I create unique raffle tickets on my product page?

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I need to create this type of ticket number on my product page. Every ticket has a unique number. The customer has the choice to select his own ticket. How can I create this in the product metafield?
Its like variation; i want to display 100's of tickets on each product page
And also, sold tickets show differently, like a gray color or a cross on the box that is considered to be sold.

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Hi @uroojsaad ,


If you want to use the metafields to solve this problem, You need to create two metafields variables, One for available tickets and another one for the remaining tickets.

So, we need to update these metafields  based on user selection, and also we need to create middleware to update this metafields.

Thank You.

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Hi @uroojsaad,

The Easify Product Options app offers a seamless solution for customizing your ticket options. Here's a demo and a setup guide for you 🤗:




If a ticket is sold out, it will be disabled for selection:



App Settings:

  • Begin by creating a Ticket product that encompasses your individual tickets (A1-25, B1-25, etc.) as variants, with each variant quantity set to 1. Subsequently, hide this product from your storefront using the seo.hidden metafield.



  • Create your primary event product (e.g., Event Tickets) to be displayed on your storefront.

  • Install the app and create a new option set.

  • Add the 1st option for customers to select their preferred line of seating (A, B, C... H).



  • Add the 2nd option, showcasing available tickets/seating for the selected A-line (A1-25). Link each ticket option to the corresponding Ticket product variant created earlier to monitor ticket inventory. Additionally, enable the conditional logic feature to ensure that seatings (A1-25) only appear if customers choose the A line in the previous option.



  • Repeat the process by creating additional options to display tickets for lines B to H.



  • Finally, add the option set into your main event product, and you're all set 🙌.


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