How can I deactivate an unused account with an outstanding fee?

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I need URGENT help with this. I did not want to continue using shopify but it isn’t letting me deactivate my account. I need help I cannot afford to pay this much money for an app I am not even using. I only subscribed to the $1 month to use the app. I did not want to end up paying this outrageous fee of $627 for an app that I am not continuing to use. I haven’t even set up my store because I’m not even using the app anymore and it is charging me so much. I am not paying this fee I cannot. I did not agree to this. I need urgent help please. It won’t let me deactivate my store unless I have paid the fee but I don’t even want to use it. I haven’t used it in a long time I need help. I am not happy with this and I need a solution as soon as possible. I did not agree to pay $627 to use shopify I only signed up for the $1 month. I cannot pay this fee what so ever I need support.

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