How can I easily filter discounted products from a specific vendor?

How can I easily filter discounted products from a specific vendor?

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how can I filter discounted products from certain vendor?

There are new discounts every month, so I need to filter products that are discounted so I can change prices to original. However, I cant find filter option that would help me find discounted product from certain vendor. So I need to go to my website and filter vendor and check all the products, which is time consuming as there are lots of products.



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Hi @Andrej_pryma 

I'm CiCi from Boost Commerce, which is the creator of Product Filter & Search - a solution that grows more sales for online stores by optimizing the product discovery experience. Back to your question, To filter discounted products, please follow the following steps: 

Step 1: Go to Discounts from your Shopify admin

After logging into your Shopify admin, you can go to Discounts from your Shopify admin.

Step 2: Select Filter discounts

Next, select Filter.



Step 3: Opt for Select a filter

You can opt for Select a filter to continue.



Step 4: Choose the way you want to get your discounts filtered

Then, you can choose the way you want to get your discounts filtered. This includes Discount type, Start date, Status, or Times used.



Step 5: Click Select a filter

In this step, you can click Select a filter to keep going on.



Step 6: Select a value to help filter the discount with

You can select a value to help filter the discounts with. The values that are available are various relying on the filter you choose.



Step 7: Go to Add filter

Finally, choose Add filter to complete your current work.



With the above instruction on how to filter discounts on Shopify, you can easily filter your discounts without having any difficulties. 

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