How can I efficiently create and assign product filters for different categories?

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We would like help creating filters for products:

  • We need 2 seperate sets of filters 1 for Home & Garden products & 1 for Professionale products.
  • A new way of assigning filters, right now we have to put in text of the subcategory in each metafield box within the product page. We would like a better way of assigning filters to products
  • We would like for the filter box to always stay open in order to choose multiple filters (right nor if i click one filter box they all close automatically)
  • We need to be able to assign multiple subcategories to each product, because the same product can be used in different subcategories.

We are willing to hire someone who can do this for us.


Links to our collection pages below.


Home e Garden – Altea (

Professionale – Altea (


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