How can I ensure only one automatic discount applies in my ecommerce store?

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Hi Team,

I am having a use-case as mentioned below :
1. Collection A - It has two automatic discount configured as buy2@599 and buy3@999. To accomplish this I am using an application called Every Possible Discounts. The Discount Behaviour is when I am adding same product of Collection A of two quantity buy2@599 get's applied that is expected. But when I am adding another quantity of same product two discount are getting applied on the cart buy2@599 for two products and another discount buy3@999. Adding a screenshot for reference.
Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 1.08.00 AM.png

I want only one automatic discount to be applied on the side cart. If 3 products are added then I want only buy3@999 should be applied.

If anyone can suggest how can I accomplish this it would be great.

NOTE : I am using a third party checkout solution for this store.

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Hi @slayer_96


I recommend looking at SupaEasy: Functions Generator in replace of "Every Possible Discounts". I had some complex discount needs and looked at many many discount apps including the one you are using. The only one that has amazing functionality like you are describing was SupaEasy: Functions Generator. I don't work for them I am just in love with their software and support and want to share the word. I hope it helps.